Young man saved after car accident

by Kaleb Kovach

Allow me to tell you about the best thing that ever happened to me. It changed my life forever.

I became a Christian one morning in April 1994.

Before this, my dad and mom had tried to talk to me about salvation. But I was only ten and assumed I had plenty of time to do what I wanted before I needed to become saved. Then I heard about a young boy who had been killed in a car accident. It was then I realized I could die at any moment.

I had grown up in church all of my life, and I knew that if I died that night I would not spend eternity in heaven with Christ but I would, instead, spend eternity in hell and everlasting torment. I did not want to go to hell and spend eternity without Christ.

I was sitting in Bible class one day at our Christian school. I understood that I was a sinner and needed a savior. I put my total trust in Christ’s ability and promise to save me and asked him to remove all my sins.

I knew then that Christ had saved me, and I experienced a peace and joy that I had never known before.

I have been happier since Jesus saved me than I had ever been before. I have given my life to serve Christ because He gave His life for me. If you would like to have peace with God and experience His joy, all you have to do is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will save you. I hope you will choose to have the same peace with God that I have.


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