User, Abuser, and Loser becomes winner in Christ

by Troy Orsburne

I was born in September 1968 in New Berlin, WI. Growing up my family moved a lot. We never went to church or even talked about God. By the time I was old enough to think about it, I just went along with what TV said about evolution, and I told my friends that if there was a God, He would understand why I thought like I did. To me it was the logical choice.

I started drinking alcohol and doing drugs in my early teens, and my life revolved around them for about ten years. Drugs made me a total loser, and the only time I didn’t feel like a loser was when I was stoned, a vicious circle spiraling down. In May of 1992, I thought I would improve my life by moving from Las Vegas, NV to Fayetteville, AR where my brother lived. It was no better. In fact, about a month after moving here I was in a drunken brawl at a liquor store with two guys I was partying with. One jumped in his truck and ran me over intentionally. At the last second, I tried to dive out of the way and only by the grace of God I didn’t get killed, but the truck shattered my right leg, and I spent three weeks in the hospital and I now have a pin in my femur bone. When I got out of the hospital I needed a job. My bother got me one putting together eyeglasses so I could sit down with my broken leg. I was soon talking with a lady who claimed to be a Christian.

Now, up to this point, I personally blamed religion for most of the world’s problems and thought they were holding evolution back. But I saw something different in her, some things I wanted in my life, purity and goodness or something I couldn’t quite place. She got me to go to a Bible study. I went, but I was nervous and weirded out and came real close to running out of there when the guy teaching the study started talking about spiritual things and supernatural experiences. All I could think of was that these people were crazy, and they were trying to suck me into some far out cult like Jim Jones in Guyana or wherever. For whatever reason (the Lord), I kept going and even started going to church with them. I was soon reading the Bible and a book called More than a Carpenter. I remember thinking that was the strangest title until I found out who the carpenter was.

After a Bible study in December 1992, I couldn’t sleep, and I was pacing around my trailer saying, ‘it’s true, it’s true.’ At that moment I knew everything I had learned over the past couple of months was true and that I was hell bound without Jesus Christ. I knew (I didn’t know how I knew at the time, but now I know God gave me that faith to believe.) that what the Bible said was true about all being sinners and being apart from God and that the only way we can get to Heaven is to believe in Jesus Christ who died on the cross to pay for our sins and was raised again three days later so we may have eternal life. (God was the only one who could pay the eternal debt owed because of our sins against an infinite God. God became man in the form of Jesus to live a perfect life and die as payment for all the sins of the world.) I humbly apologized to God for all my sins and asked Jesus to save me, and He did because He said He would. Thank you Jesus.


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