Trusting Christ Computes

by Matthew Foster

Hello. My name is Matthew Foster, and I am a born-again Christian. I became a born-again Christian on March 9, 1999. This is my story.

I grew up in a Christian home in Little Rock, Arkansas. When Sundays and Wednesdays rolled around, I would go to Church, but I never really understood that being a Christian meant more than simply going to Church.

At about the time I was 13 years old, I went with my mother to a revival. The preacher spoke of the need to ask Jesus Christ to save you in order to spend eternity in heaven. That was something that I wanted, and I responded to the preacher’s alter call by going forward to ask Jesus Christ to save me.

My routine of going to Church every Sunday and Wednesday did not change after that experience, but my life did. This was about the same time that I began to get very interested in computers. My family had just bought a new computer. Whenever I was not eating, sleeping, or at school, I was on that computer. I was obsessed with learning everything that I could about computers, and I began to withdraw from all social interactions, including Church.

During my senior year of high school, I got a job as a busboy in a restaurant. I would spend my days in school, my nights at work, and the wee morning hours drinking with my work buddies. The latter only increased when I learned that my parents, married for almost twenty years, were getting a divorce. In my mind, God had much of the blame to bear, and my desire to have anything to do with Church or religion grew into a bitter hatred.

Going away to college only intensified this hatred. College provided me with the lifestyle conducive to my mindset with frequent parties, next to no parental restraint, and applause and encouragement for my new-found, quickly-growing agnostic beliefs.

After three years of the college scene, the pace began to slow, and I began to really seek answers to tough questions that had been yet unanswered. I constantly pondered: ‘What is the meaning of life?,’ ‘Is there a God?,’ and ‘Is there a spiritual world, and, if so, what is its relation to the physical world?’ It was at this time that God reached out and showed me that He was not through with me just yet. He did so by introducing me to a classmate who invited me to her Church with the promise of answers to my tough questions. I went once and thought ‘This is neat. I’ll give it one more try next Sunday.’ Each Sunday kept getting better, and I was getting my questions answered. The answers were not simply ‘You just have to believe!,’ but they were backed up with verifiable, scientific evidence that pointed to God in all directions.


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