Scientist believes the Bible

by Pat Briney, Ph.D.

Prior to becoming a Christian in 1977, I searched in vain for God and concluded that God was unknowable. As a child, I was taught about Jesus Christ, but, in high school, I questioned whether God existed. If God did exist, I wanted to know Him and to know what He expected of me. However, answers to my questions were not satisfying, and I became disillusioned with all religion. I pursued the new age philosophy and sought for answers to life’s questions in science and human reason. I abandoned my search for God. Fortunately, God did not abandon me and patiently brought people into my life to lead me to Himself.

The turning point in my life began when my girlfriend called to tell me that she had become a Christian. I asked her what she meant, and she gave me the phone number of a man who taught Bible studies at the college I attended. One thing led to another until I was involved in a couple of Bible studies getting many of my questions answered. Eventually, I became convinced of God’s existence and of Jesus Christ’s promise of salvation. I learned what it meant to trust Jesus Christ, and I discovered how I could be absolutely certain about going to heaven.

Most of my questions about God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible had been satisfactorily answered, but, most importantly, I knew that if I died at that time, I would not go to heaven. I knew that because of sin I would be judged guilty of violating God’s will. I was destined for the fires of hell. I wanted God’s gift of eternal life and the experience of knowing Him.

I’ll never forget the night I asked God to give me eternal life. I experienced an intense awareness of my unworthiness before God, and I knew I was guilty of doing things He did not approve of. I confessed to Him my guilt and asked for His forgiveness. I surrendered my life to Him unconditionally and trusted in His promise to give me eternal life. During my prayer, I experienced peace and an absolute knowledge that God had given me eternal life. It was so easy. I just surrendered my will to Him and trusted in Him to save me. I know now with one hundred percent certainty that when I die, I will spend eternity in heaven because I have one hundred percent confidence in His promise and ability.

Since that night, I have devoted my life to serving Christ. I live by the authority of His Word and His teachings because I have personally experienced His truths and have witnessed that His will is indeed right and best for all people. Jesus Christ has given me purpose, goals, and experiences that fulfill my life. There is no greater experience than knowing God as my Savior and friend.

I encourage you to find out more about Jesus Christ because there are satisfying answers to your questions. In the Bible, God invites you to try Him and to test Him. He says, in Isaiah 1:18 to come and reason with Him. He wants you to know Him to have eternal life too. He wants you to personally experience Him in your life just as I have.

I would like to talk to you about Jesus Christ, the Bible, and eternal life. Contact me, and let’s get together to talk about your questions, concerns, and eternal destiny.


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