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Scripture quotations and answers are  from the King James Version of the Bible.



Salvation is possible because Jesus Christ has died on your behalf to pay for your sins and is able to miraculously change you spiritually so that you can spend eternity in heaven with Him.  Without Godís help, you are not qualified to enter heaven because of what you are (unrighteous) and what you have done (sin).  Fortunately, God wants to help you and to save you from sin.



How can I be saved?


You can be saved only by the grace of God.  This means that because of what God has done for you, it is possible for you to go to heaven and to escape condemnation.  Previous lessons in The Gospel Truth Series have shown that you are unrighteous and that any attempt on your part to do right or to earn Godís favor is futile.  You cannot pay for your sins, and you cannot change the nature of what you are.  Because of your helplessness, you are in serious need of help, and God is the only one capable of saving you.  Godís willingness to help you is grace because you are guilty of sin and of blaspheming Him.  Salvation from God is no less than a free and undeserved gift of mercy.  You deserve to be held accountable for your actions, but God wants to be gracious to you because He loves you.


According to the following verses, how is one saved?

Ephesians 2:8-9        _______________  Acts 15:11     _______________

Romans 3:24             _______________  Titus 3:7         _______________


Define ďgrace


What did the prophets prophesy of (1 Peter 1:10)?


What is the gift of God (Romans 6:23)?


What kind of gift does God offer (Romans 5:18)?



Why is trying to do right the wrong thing to do?


First, it is too late to make corrections.  You are already guilty and condemned.  Second, effort on your part to do right or attempts to make up for all the wrong you have done are futile.  Many have tried, and all have failed.  Such efforts are called works.  Thinking that you can do something to be worthy of Godís grace is wrong thinking.  There is nothing you can do to justify your worthiness to be saved.


Why are you already condemned (Romans 3:23)?


According to the following verses, how are we not saved?

Titus 3:5                     __________  Second Timothy 1:9  ___________

Galatians 2:16           __________  Ephesians 2:9           _____________



If I live right, will God save me by His grace?


Grace and works are mutually exclusive.  Whereas grace means that you receive undeserved blessings from God, works means that you are attempting to earn a blessing.  Some people try to live by the law of the ten commandments, and others try to live by self-made laws of righteousness hoping to please God and to receive salvation.  However, no amount of effort, degree of change, or improvement to live better will gain you salvation.  In fact, just the opposite will happen.  People who offer works for Godís approval will be judged by ALL their works, and everyone who relies on his works will be condemned.  Salvation by grace does not involve works of any kind.  Salvation is 100% grace, because you God must save you, and there is nothing you can do.  Salvation by grace does not and cannot involve even the sincerest of all human works.


If salvation is by grace, why is it not by works (Romans 11:6)?


What did Jesus say to those who were relying on their many wonderful works in His name (Matthew 7:22-23)?



Read Revelation 20:12-15 to answer the following questions:

1.      How were the dead judged (vss. 12 & 13)?


2.      What did the books contain?


3.      In which book were the condemned not found (vs. 15)?


4.      Which book do you want to be found in?


[ ] Book of Life           [ ] Book of works


What is required of people who want to be judged by their works (James 2:10)?


What is the result of relying on good works to save you (Romans 4:4)?



What is faith?


Faith enables you to understand the truths of God.  This is a ďseeingĒ faith.  By faith, you are able to know that Jesus Christ died for your sins and that He wants to save you.  By faith, you can understand that God is real and that He loves you.  Often, people think of faith as a blind acceptance of things they do not understand.  Admittedly, many people believe strongly in things that they have no understanding of.  However, real, Biblical faith is not blind acceptance or belief.  Faith is a spiritual sense by which you discern and understand the spiritual truths of God.


Read Hebrews 11:1 to answer the following questions:

1.      What is faith?


2.      What is evidence?


3.      Is belief in something evidence of a truth?


Read Hebrews 11:3 to answer the following:

1.      What does faith enable you to do?


2.      Does believing in something enable you to understand?


3.      How would you describe the difference between faith and belief?


What is impossible to do without faith (Hebrews 11:6)?


How is one justified to be saved (Romans 3:28)?



How do I know if I have faith?


When you hear the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, God gives you faith to confirm in your heart that it is true.  This is called conviction.  Because of faith, you realize that you need God, that Jesus Christ wants to save you, and that you are condemned in your sins.  You experience a desire to give your life to Christ.  However, because of sin, you feel resistant to yielding your life to Him.  Some people are more disturbed than others by this conflict of desires, but all realize there is a choice to be made Ė surrender to the call of Christ or continue to live in sin and condemnation.


When do you receive faith (Romans 10:17)?


Who gives you faith (Romans 12:3)?


Have you heard the Gospel message of Jesus Christ?


Is God convicting you, or has He ever convicted you?



Why doesnít God save everyone?


God gives everyone the freedom to accept or to reject His offer.  He will not force His grace on anyone.  He sends messengers to share His good news of salvation, and His Spirit convicts the hearts of sinners to convince them of their need for His help.  God has done everything necessary to make salvation possible and extends to everyone the invitation to be saved.  But salvation becomes a reality in your life only when you choose to believe in Jesus Christ and accept His invitation.  God has decreed that only those who believe in Jesus Christ and surrender their lives to Him will be saved.  Only believers receive grace, and the choice to believe is up to you.


According to the following verses, why are people not saved?

John 3:18       _______________              John 3:36       _______________


John 8:24       _______________              Luke 13:3       _______________



Why is believing necessary for salvation, but works are not?


Believing is accepting the claims and promises of God Ė the fact that you cannot do anything to acquire Godís grace and the fact that you are dependent on the mercy of God.  It is accepting the gift of salvation from God because you believe that He loves you and wants to help you.  Believing is not an attempt to do right, but rather an acceptance that you cannot do anything to help yourself and that you are completely dependent on Jesus Christ.


According to the following verses, how is one saved?

First Corinthians 1:21           __________              Romans 1:16 __________


According to Romans 4:4-5, God justifies those who __________ on Him not those who rely on __________.


According to Galatians 2:16, people are justified by __________ when they __________ in Jesus Christ, and not by __________.  In fact, no one can be justified by __________.


Based on these verses, is believing in Christ a work?



What should I believe?


Believing the Gospel involves believing that Jesus Christ is God and perfect in every way, that you are condemned and in need of His help because you are guilty of sin, that Jesus died for your sins but was raised from the dead to live forever and to give you life, and that He will cleanse you of all your sins, forgive you, and give you eternal life.  This is the main message of the Gospel.


Read Romans 10:9 to answer the following questions.  (Note:  Confession with the mouth means that you confess to God your belief.)


1.      What must you confess about Jesus?


2.      What must you believe in your heart?


3.      What will God do if you believe in Him?


When are you saved after hearing the word of truth (Ephesians 1:13)?



What does it mean to be repentant?


Repentance means to turn in the opposite direction.  Thus, when the Bible speaks of repentance for salvation, it means that you change from denying Christ to believing in Him, from rejecting Him to accepting Him, from living without Him to living with Him, from excusing your sins to confessing your sins, from living for yourself to living for Him.  Repentance for salvation is rejecting dependence on yourself to change your lifestyle in order to be saved, and deciding to depend on Jesus Christ to change you and save you.  Without Christ, you are condemned.  Turn to Him, and give Him your life.


What is Jesus calling sinners to do (Luke 5:32)?


What does God want all people to do (2 Peter 3:9)?


Why do people repent (2 Corinthians 7:9)?


Read 2 Corinthians 7:10 to answer the following questions:


1.      What kind of sorrow brings true repentance for salvation?


2.      Can one be saved with worldly sorrow?



Circle the correct answers in the following sentences:


ß         [Godly / worldly] sorrow is characterized by a sense of shame and regret that you have done wrong, and you truly desire to forsake sin.

ß         [Godly / worldly] sorrow is characterized by a sense of regret that you were caught for doing wrong, but you have no remorse about doing wrong.


What happens to those who do not repent (Luke 13:3)?


What do the angels do when a sinner repents (Luke 15:10)?



How can I know that God will save me?


Once you have heard the Gospel message, you have faith to confirm the truth of Godís message and its application to you personally.  God will not refuse to give you the gift of salvation if you believe in Him, repent of your sins, and confess to Him your dependence on Him.  Because God is love and is eternal, He loves everyone with an infinite abundance and wants everyone to be saved.  Jesus Christ died for everyone.  He does not want anyone to perish in hell.  The Bible says that He loves everyone, that He offers salvation to everyone, and that He promises to save everyone who believes in Him.  This includes you.


What can you know when you believe on the name of the Son of God (1 John 5:13)?


What is Godís promise to believers (John 3:16)?


What is Godís desire for all people (1 Timothy 2:4)?


Who did Jesus die for (Hebrews 2:9)?


Read 2 Peter 3:9 to answer the following questions:


1.      What does God want for everyone?


2.      What does God what everyone to do?


To whom will God show mercy and forgiveness (Psalm 86:5)?


For whom does God make salvation available (Titus 2:11)?


To whom does God want His message preached (Luke 24:47)?


According to the previous verses, do you think God wants to save you?


What must I do to be saved?


There is nothing you can do to save yourself.  You must depend on Jesus Christ to save you.  Salvation is of God, and He is the one who must save you.  He is the one who died for your sins, and He is the one who can change you.  When you accept the fact that you must depend completely on Jesus Christ to save you and believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved, you will confess your need to Him and ask for His help.  You will surrender your life to Him for grace and mercy.


What was Paulís answer to the jailerís question (Acts 16:30-31)?


Who has eternal life (John 3:15-16)?


Who does God save (11 Corinthians 1:21)?



What did Abraham do to be saved (Romans 4:2-3)?


What must you do to be saved (Romans 4:23-24)?


What did Peter tell the people to do (Acts 3:19)?


When will God save me?


God will save you the moment you believe in Him, repenting, and confessing your need for Him.  Salvation is instantaneous, and a transformation takes place inside of you.  Though your body remains unchanged, you are changed spiritually and forgiven of your sins.


Are believers saved now or later (1 Corinthians 1:18)?


What can you know that you have right now (1 John 5:13)?


What happens to those who believe in Christ (John 5:24)?


Can I be saved right now?


If you have studied through The Gospel Truth Series, then you know the Gospel message.  With the hearing of the Gospel, God gives you faith to know that it is true.  If you are not saved, then you are experiencing conviction and are experiencing the desire to believe the message, to turn to Christ, and to confess your dependence on Him.  At the same time, you are experiencing resistance in your flesh to surrender your life to Christ.  God has revealed His message of salvation to you.  Now, you must decide to accept Christ or to reject Christ.  The best choice and the right choice is to surrender to Jesus Christ right now and to let Him save you (2 Corinthians 6:2).



Whether you are recently saved or a veteran Christian, you need to discover Godís plan for your life.  You donít want to waste your time on any other plan.  Godís plan is the only road to blessings and true success.  The next lesson in this series of The Gospel Truth Series is The Born Again Experience.  This lesson will explain to you what has happened to you and give you guidance to fulfilling Godís plan in your life.


Contact the Mission Boulevard Baptist Church or the Collegiate Discipleship Ministry and request more Bible study materials. If you have recently been saved, request the booklets, Facts for New Christians and Follow-up Lessons for Spiritual Growth.  You will discover that the Christian life is the very best thing that could ever happen to you.

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