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Scripture quotations and answers are  from the King James Version of the Bible.




God has good new for you!  He has a plan to save you from condemnation and eternal death.  This good news is called the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and God has been telling people about it since Adam and Eve.  Every human being has the same problem Ė SIN, and God has always had the same solution Ė Jesus Christ.  If you studied the previous booklet in The Gospel Truth Series, then you realize that you are in desperate need of help.  He has helped many people, and He wants to help you, too.


According to the following verses, when did God begin to tell people about the Gospel?


Titus 1:2         ________________            Luke 1:69-70 ___________________

Acts 3:20-21  ________________            Hebrews 1:1-2           _______________



Do I need Godís help?


You are in desperate need of Godís help.  There is absolutely nothing you can do to save yourself from the consequences of sin Ė eternal death in hell.  Without God, you do not have a chance of making it to heaven.


Why do you need Godís help (Matthew 19:25-26)?


Who makes it possible for you to go to heaven (John 14:6)?



Why does God want to save me?


The truth is God loves you.  He has an eternal love for you that compels Him to care about you and to help you.  When He sees your needs, He wants to help you, but He will not force His goodwill on you.  He offers His help, and then leaves the choice up to you.



Why did God give up His Son to help you (John 3:16 and Romans 5:8)?


Why does God love us (1 John 4:16)?


Read Matthew 23:37 to answer the following questions:


1. What did Jesus want for Jerusalem?


2. Who chose to reject Christís invitation?



Will God save anyone?


God wants to save everyone.  There are no exceptions.  The only reason more people are not saved is because they refuse His help.  Many deny Him, reject Him, or ridicule Him.  Nonetheless, He still loves them and is willing to help them if they change their attitude and trust Him.


What does God want according to 1 Timothy 2:4?


What does God not want according to 2 Peter 3:9?


Who did Jesus come to save (1 Timothy 1:15 and Romans 3:23)?


Who will God save (Romans 10:13)?



What is Godís plan to help me?


Godís plan solves two problems.  First, He pays for your sins so that your sins can be forgiven.  Second, He changes you spiritually so that you can enter into heaven without defiling it.  Jesus Christ is the one who makes these two solutions possible.



How does God pay for my sins?


Because the penalty for sin is eternal death, God offered His Son Jesus Christ to die on your behalf.  Only eternal death can fully pay for the penalty of sin.  Anything less than eternal death is insufficient.  Thus, to pay for your own sins would require that you spend eternity in hell.  No matter how long you stay in hell, it will never be long enough to fully pay for your sins.  The only hope you have of going to heaven is to find someone who will volunteer to be a substitute in your place and die for you.  With a substitute, your sins could be paid for, and you could go to heaven.  Jesus Christ willingly offers to be your substitute.  He volunteered to pay for your sins and to experience eternal death on your behalf.


Why did Jesus come to earth as a man (John 12:47)?


What did Jesus do for you (Romans 5:8)?


For whom did Jesus die (Hebrews 2:9)?


Why did Jesus die (1 Peter 3:18)?



Why did God not pay for sins another way?


There is no other way.  Sin requires eternal death, and only God (being eternal) is capable of fulfilling that requirement.  Humans, angels, animals, and all other living things are finite.  Any substitute other than God is incapable of fully paying for your sins.  In addition, the substitute must be sinless or he is unqualified to pay for your sins.  Only God is without sin.  Therefore, God is the only qualified substitute.  Further, a substitute must be willing to die for you.  However, to be truly willing to experience eternal death would require the ability to comprehend the payment Ė eternal payment.  Again, only God is capable of being truly willing to die for your sins.  So then, God is the only solution to your problem with sin.


Did Jesus ever sin (Hebrews 4:15 and 1 Peter 2:21-22)?


Why is Jesus able to fully pay for sins (Revelation 1:8, 17, & 18)?


For what reason did Jesus lay down His life (John 10:15-18)?


Who is the only one that can save you (Acts 4:12)?


Why is Jesus the only one who can save you?  Check the answer(s).

            [ ] He is eternal          [ ]  He is sinless         [ ]  He is willing



Are you saying that Jesus Christ is God?


Yes, Jesus is God.  If He were less than God, He would not be qualified or capable of fully paying for your sins.  He is eternal and sinless.  Some people wonder how Jesus can be both man and God? How can He be the Son of God and yet still be God?  One needs to realize that a son can also be a father, a brother, a husband, etc.  Jesus is God who had a human body prepared for Him to live in.  Because His body was human, He was called the Son of man, and because His body was prepared by God, He is called the Son of God.


Who was Emmanuel, and what does the name mean (Matthew 1:23-25)?


Who did Jesus claim to be equal with (John 5:18)?


Why did the Jews want to kill Jesus (John 10:33)?


Who is the one and only Savior (Isaiah 43:11)?


According to John 4:42 and Titus 2:13, who is Jesus Christ?


What did Thomas call Jesus (John 20:28)?


What was prepared for Jesus (Hebrews 10:5)?


Read Philippians 2:5-8 to answer the following questions:


1. Why was it not wrong for Jesus to be equal with God?


2. How did Jesus humble Himself?



How does God prepare me for heaven?


In order to enter heaven, it is necessary that God make you a new person.  Because there is no sin in heaven, God will have to make you sinless.  This will require a major, miraculous change.  In fact, you will have to be born again and start over.  This new beginning is a spiritual change, not physical.  Your physical body will stay the same, but inwardly (spiritually), you will be changed.  When a Christian dies, his sinful, unchanged body stays in the earth, and his sinless, changed inward man goes immediately into heaven.


Is there any sin in heaven (Revelation 21:27 and Habakkuk 1:13)?


How righteous will God make you (2 Corinthians 5:21)?



Whose righteousness comes upon believers (Romans 3:22)?


Why do you think it is important to be made with Godís righteousness?


Read John 3:3-7 to answer the following questions:


1. What did Jesus say was necessary to enter heaven?


2. How are you born the first time?


3. How are you born the second time?


4. Why must you be born again?





Why do Christians still sin after being changed?


God changes the spirit, not the body.  Thus, the sinful desires that have always been associated with the body continue.  Until a Christian dies, he will always experience, in his body, the temptations to sin.  Because of this, Christians are exhorted to strengthen themselves inwardly (spiritually) to overcome the temptations to sin.  Though there is continuous failure in the body to do right, the new, changed spirit always does right.


How did Paul serve God (Romans 1:9)?


Based on Paulís experience, why do Christians sin (Romans 7:18)?


What part of a Christian serves God and does not sin (Romans 7:22)?


What is the experience of Christians doing right (Romans 7:21 & 25)?


What part of you is qualified to go to heaven when you are saved?



What prevents me from being saved?


Your refusal to believe in Jesus Christ and to trust Him with your life as your God and Savior is the only thing that prevents your salvation.  God has done the work, and He has extended the invitation.  To learn more about how you can be saved, continue studying The Gospel Truth Series with the next booklet titled, You Can Be Saved.


1. What is the cause of death (John 8:24)?


2. When will you be condemned because of your sins (John 3:18)?


3. What happens after you die physically (Hebrews 9:27)?


4. When is the best time to let God save you (2 Corinthians 6:2)?


Contact the Mission Boulevard Baptist Church or the Collegiate Discipleship Ministry and request more Bible study materials. If you have recently been saved, request the booklets, Facts for New Christians and Follow-up Lessons for Spiritual Growth.  You will discover that the Christian life is the very best thing that could ever happen to you.

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