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Scripture quotations and answers are  from the King James Version of the Bible.


One of the most fundamental questions that people ask is “Why do I need God?”  The answer is simple.  You have a soul and a spirit, and, therefore, you have spiritual needs that only God can satisfy.  What is your soul, and what are your spiritual needs?  The following lesson will help you discover the answers to these questions.


Is it important to know about my soul?


Yes, making good decisions requires good information.  Your soul has needs that are vital to your spiritual well-being.  In fact, failure to satisfy these needs causes unhappiness, deep grief, anxiety, and, eventually, death.  Understanding what your spiritual needs are will enable you to recognize the symptoms of unfulfilled spiritual needs and to know how to satisfy those needs.  As you will discover, there are no substitute solutions to experiencing peace and contentment in your soul.


What happens when you fail to meet your needs?

            Job 14:22 _____________________________________________

            Ezekiel 18:4 ___________________________________________



What is my soul?


Your soul is the heart of what you are as a person, the essence of your very being.  Your emotions, your will, and your thoughts are attributes of your soul.  All that you are as a personality is rooted in your soul.  Your self-awareness and conscience are a part of your soul so that wherever your soul is, there you are.


What emotions are associated with the soul?

            Matthew 26:38 _________________________________________

            Acts 2:43 _____________________________________________

            Psalm 43:5 ____________________________________________

            Isaiah 61:10 ___________________________________________



What other attributes are associated with the soul?

            Luke 12:19 ____________________________________________

            1 Chronicles 22:19 ______________________________________

            Job 7:15 ______________________________________________



How does my body differ from my soul?


Your soul is spiritual; whereas your body is physical.  Your body allows your soul to interact with the physical world.  Your five body senses collect information from the physical world for use by your soul.  Thus, your body is like a window which allows the soul to “see” the world.  In addition, your body allows your soul to express itself physically.  Without the body, your soul is unable to perceive the physical world and is unable to express itself to the physical world.  Your body makes it possible for your soul to communicate with the physical world. Nonetheless, the body is highly complex and contributes a great deal of its own influence on your personality, memory, emotions, and will.  However, unlike the soul, the body is mortal and cannot live without its association with the soul.  When your soul is separated from your body, you, as a personality, continue to be associated with your soul, but your body dies.  The body without a soul is just a shell.


Which came first, the body or the soul (Genesis 2:7)?


To distinguish the body from the soul, what part of Isaac ate meat, and what part of him offered the blessing (Genesis 27:4)?


How does one’s soul physically touch unclean things (Leviticus 22:6)?



What happened to Rachel’s body when her soul departed (Genesis 35:18-19)?


What happened to the boy when his soul returned to his body (1 Kings 17:20-23)?



How does my spirit differ from my soul?


Both your soul and your spirit are spiritual rather than physical.  However, unlike your soul, your spirit is similar to your body in that it allows your soul to interact with the spiritual world.  Your spirit is like a window allowing your soul to interact with the spiritual world.  It also allows your soul to communicate spiritually with God, angels, and other beings that are spiritual.  Unfortunately, because of sin, spiritual senses are not fully functional, and, therefore, you are not as aware of the spiritual world as you are of the physical world.  None the less, your spirit is an important part of your being and will be always associated with your soul -- enabling you to interact with the spiritual world after you die physically.


What are the two spiritual parts of the human design called (Hebrews 4:12)?


What does your spirit enable you to do (1 Corinthians 2:9-16)?


How did Jesus discern the “thoughts” of others (Mark 2:8)?


How is the spirit used by the soul (Isaiah 26:9)?


What senses are associated with the spirit after physical death (Luke 16:23-25)?




What am I?  Who am I?


You are both physical and spiritual.  Your body is physical, and your soul and spirit are spiritual.  Though the heart of your being and the essence of your will and emotions are associated with your soul, the sum of your body, soul, and spirit contribute to your total personality makeup.  Your soul makes decisions based on the information your body is capable of collecting.  If you are blind, your soul lacks visible information of the physical world.  If you suffer brain damage, your soul may receive distorted information.


Other physical influences on your soul’s perception of the world include bodily tiredness, chemical imbalance, and health.  Because decisions are only as good as the information you receive, your soul may make bad behavioral decisions due to physical limitations of your body.  Likewise, your soul can express itself physically only within the limitations of your body’s abilities.  Thus, though the epitome of who you are is in your soul, the body and the spirit influence how you perceive, think, and express yourself.


What are the three parts of the complete human design (1 Thessalonians 5:23)?


How are the soul and spirit different from the body?


How are the body and the spirit similar?


How is the soul different from the body and spirit?



What are my needs?


The needs you are most obviously aware of are your physical needs for food, water, air, sunlight, shelter, and rest.  However, you have spiritual needs too.  These needs are likened to the physical needs that you are familiar with.  If you neglect to satisfy these needs, you will suffer failure of health and well-being.  Ultimately, death will result if you do not satisfy your needs.


List the physical and the spiritual needs referred to in the following verses:


                                                                        Physical                      Spiritual

1. John 6:32-35                                             __________              __________

2. John 4:10-14                                             __________              __________

3. Psalm 61:2-3                                             __________              __________

4. John 1:4                                                     __________              __________

5. Matthew 11:28                                          __________              __________



How are spiritual needs satisfied (John 4:34 and John 6:40)?


What is the way to find spiritual truth and life (John 14:6)?


Are there other ways to satisfy your spiritual needs (Acts 4:12)?


What is your spiritual condition if you do not have the Son (1 John 5:12)?


What happens after physical death (Hebrews 9:27 and Daniel 12:2)?



How can I know for sure that I have spiritual needs?


There are five evidences by which you can determine the reality of your spiritual needs. 

First, the Bible tells you that you have spiritual needs that can only be satisfied by Jesus Christ.  

Second, when you understand this need for Christ, you experience the presence of God (conviction) inviting you to come to Him and to believe in Christ. 

Third, you experience anxiety caused by your spiritual needs until they are satisfied.  Often, people do not realize the cause of their anxiety or needs, so they seek relief in drugs and alcohol, or preoccupation in entertainment and work.  Others attempt to deny the cause of their needs and irrationally reject the existence and need for God.  Sadly, these attempts to satisfy discontentment and agitation in their souls are at best temporary. 

Fourth, millions of people have described the common experience of relief from conviction and anxiety when they satisfied their spiritual needs in Jesus Christ.  He really does bring peace and contentment to the heart and soul of everyone who come to Him. 

Fifth, people all over the world share a common sense that there is a God and that they have a need for His help.  Even recently discovered cultures that have been isolated from civilization have systems of religion.  This need for religion and for God is a shared human experience and is evidence that you and every human being have spiritual needs.


According to the Bible, what is your spiritual need (John 5:24)?


What does the Spirit of God say in your heart (Revelation 22:17)?


What need does Christ promise to satisfy to those who come to Him (Matthew 11:28)?



What did Thomas do that millions of people have done (John 20:28)?


What common experience did Paul describe that results from knowing God (Romans 5:1)?


Why are people all over the world religious (Romans 1:20 and 2:14-15)?



What prevents me from satisfying my spiritual needs?


Sin is the problem.  Because of sin, God separates Himself from you, and your spiritual needs are not satisfied.  Most people do not realize that it takes only one sin to cause misery and spiritual death.  To learn more about sin and the problems associated with it, continue studying The Gospel Truth Series with the next booklet titled, The Reason for Human Suffering and Death.


Contact the Mission Boulevard Baptist Church or the Collegiate Discipleship Ministry and request more Bible study materials. If you have recently been saved, request the booklets, Facts for New Christians and Follow-up Lessons for Spiritual Growth.  You will discover that the Christian life is the very best thing that could ever happen to you.

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