The Born Again Experience

The Gospel Truth Series

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Scripture quotations and answers are  from the King James Version of the Bible.


What happens when a person is saved?


The moment you give your life to Jesus Christ, He saves you from condemnation and spiritual death and gives you life.  He paid for your sins with His own death, and then He changed you spiritually with a new nature.  Being saved from condemnation means that you will no longer die.  Instead, you are alive in Jesus Christ forever.  You have eternal life.


According to John 5:24, when you believe in Jesus Christ, you pass from __________ to __________.


What kind of life do you have in Jesus Christ (John 6:40)?



What does it mean to have eternal life?


Eternal life is a relationship with Jesus Christ that will never end.  The word eternal means forever or never-ending.  The word life means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ (1 John 5:12).  Earlier lessons in this Gospel Truth Series showed that the Biblical definitions of spiritual life and death were determined by your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Thus, having eternal life means that your relationship with Christ will continue forever.


What does the word eternal mean?


What does the word life mean (1 John 5:12)?


Based on the meanings of the words, what does it mean to have eternal life?


Why is it not possible for eternal life to end?



How does God secure my life for eternity?


Because spiritual death or separation from God is caused by sin, it is necessary that sin no longer be a part of your life.  This is why the Bible describes a saved person as a new creature.  Spiritually, a Christian no longer sins because his inward nature has been changed from unrighteousness to righteousness.  This spiritual transformation is called the new birth.  It is a new beginning with a new nature as a child of God.  Having a righteous nature prevents sin, and if you cannot sin, you cannot die.


What happens when you are in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17)?


What change does God make in you when you believe in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21)?


What kind of righteousness comes upon all believers (Romans 3:22)?


Why is it impossible for God to sin (Psalm 92:15 & Psalm 119:137)?


Read 1 John 3:9 to answer the following questions:


1.      Who cannot sin?


2.      What part of the Christian does not sin?


3.      Why is it not possible for Christians to die spiritually?


Read Romans 6:23 to answer the following questions:


1.      What are the wages of sin?


2.      Why can a Christian never die spiritually?



Are you saying that Christians cannot sin?


Christians have two natures.  The Bible refers to the physical body as the outward man, and the soul and spirit as the inward man.  The nature of the body remains unchanged and is, therefore, unrighteous and sinful.  However, the inward man is spiritual and its nature is changed to righteousness.  Because the body is inclined to sin and the inward man desires to do right, Christians are continuously subject to the struggle between the two opposing natures.  None the less, because the inward, spiritual man is righteous, it will never sin regardless of what the body does.  Thus, the spiritual man will live forever with Christ in heaven because it always does right.


What can Christians never claim (1 John 1:8)?


Read Romans 7:17-22 to answer the following questions:


1.      What kind of conflict is being described?


2.      What part of a Christian still has the sin nature?


3.      What did Paul say was present whenever he did good?


4.      What part of a Christian serves God?



What will happen to me when I die?


Because the nature of your body is not changed, it will be left behind to become a part of the dust of the earth as your soul and spirit depart to go to heaven.  Your bodyís nature to sin makes it unqualified to enter heaven.  However, the Bible says that a day will come when in the twinkling of an eye, you will receive a new glorified body and be restored as a whole person Ė body, soul, and spirit.  The new body will be righteous and will never sin.


What happens to the body when the soul departs from it (Genesis 35:18)?


How do the body and the spirit differ (Romans 8:10)?


How is your natural, physical body raised up (1 Corinthians 15:50)?


When will the body be changed (1 Corinthians 15:52)?



Are there consequences if I decide to sin after I am saved?


God will judge each Christian for the way he lives.  However, this judgment is not for the destiny of his soul.  This has already been settled.  Spiritually, the Christian cannot sin, so he cannot die or lose his salvation.  He is eternally secure.  However, Christians are judged. The judgment of Christians involves the gain or loss of spiritual rewards.  The outcome of this judgment is determined by your decision to live a Spirit-controlled life or a sin-controlled life.  Living in obedience to the Spirit of God is called the Spirit-filled life.  Living a life of sin dictated by the bodyís sinful nature is called a carnal life.  Once you give your life to Christ to escape the power and condemnation of sin, it makes no sense to return to such a lifestyle.


Read 1 Corinthians 3:11-15 to answer the following questions:


1.      What foundation can no man lay down (vs. 11)?


2.      What kind of building materials represent your lifestyle (vs. 12)?


3.      How will your works be judged (vs. 13)?


4.      What happens if your works survive judgment (vs. 14)?


5.      What happens if your works do not survive judgment (vs. 15)?


6.      What happens to a Christianís salvation who suffers loss (vs. 15)?



What will happen if I decide to live a carnal life?


A carnal life is characterized by fulfilling the desires of sin in the flesh.  Sadly, some Christians decide to yield to the desires and temptations of the flesh rather than to the new desires of the new spirit.  However, a carnal life is not good.  God disciplines his children to help guide them.  No one likes discipline, but it is for our own good.  Second, returning to a carnal lifestyle is returning to the misery, unfulfillment, and emptiness that you asked Jesus to be deliver you from in the first place.  Third, a carnal lifestyle raises doubts about the sincerity of your commitment to Jesus Christ.  Though a carnal lifestyle will not change your status of being saved, it does raise the question whether you were truly saved at all.


Why does God chastise His children (Hebrews 12:9-11)?


What are carnal Christians called (1 Corinthians 3:1-3)?



What are you exhorted to do (Romans 6:12-13)?


What is shameful for Christians to do (1 Corinthians 15:34)?


What kind of person returns to a carnal lifestyle (Proverbs 26:11)?


What should carnal Christians examine (2 Corinthians 13:5)?


What can carnal Christians forget (2 Peter 1:9)?



If I am born of God, what does that make me?


Being born of God makes you a child of God.  Spiritually, you have the righteous nature of God that has inclinations to do only those things that are right.  As a child of God, you are in the family of God with brothers and sisters in Christ.  Your spiritual family includes everyone who has been born again of Jesus Christ.  This also makes you an heir to all that God has given to Jesus Christ, which is everything in creation.  In fact, the Bible says that you are a joint heir with Christ, or equally entitled to everything that Jesus Christ inherits.  This is possible only because of the infinite love God has for you.  Love is the desire to give and to share everything, and this is what God has done for you.  However, it is possible to squander your inheritance with a carnal lifestyle.


What must happen in order to enter the kingdom of God (John 3:3)?


What part of a Christian is born again (John 3:6)?


If you are born of God, what does that make you (Romans 8:14 & 16)?


What kind of heir are you (Romans 8:17)?


Read Luke 15:11-24 to answer the following questions:


1.      What did the son ask of his father?


2.      Why did he lose his inheritance?


3.      Did the father ever disown his son?



4.      How can a Christian lose his inheritance?


5.      Even though a Christian may suffer loss, why can he never lose his salvation?



What is heaven like?


Heaven is the perfect world that people dream about.  Because there is no sin in heaven, there is no death, no sorrow, no pain, no injustice, no hunger, and no grief.  The world as we know it will be replaced with a new earth.  God will rule from the new Mount Zion from which the river of life will flow and course its way through the earth.  The saints will live in communities and nations throughout the earth.  Each one will have responsibilities, and all will worship God.


What will happen to the present heaven and earth (2 Peter 3:10-12)?


According to the following verses, what will the new heavens and new earth be like?

1.      2 Peter 3:13


2.      Revelation 21:4


3.      Micah 4:1-5



What should I do to live for God?


You need to discover Godís plan for your life, grow spiritually, and prepare for spiritual warfare.  God has three resources to help you succeed in fulfilling each of these goals.  The Bible is Godís inspired book of instructions from which you will learn about God, His will, His plans, and His promises.  Because this is the definitive authority on how to think and live, you should study the Bible diligently and daily.  The Holy Spirit is your second resource who provides comfort, guidance, and discernment.  He is the source to know Godís will for the details of daily living; therefore, you need to seek His help by learning how to pray and fast.  The church is your third resource.  The pastor, teachers, and members have made a covenant with God, and with each other, to fulfill Godís plan for the world.  Your participation begins with baptism after you are saved, followed by training and assuming responsibilities.  These three resources are designed to equip you to be all that you can be as a Christian.


What is necessary for spiritual growth (1 Peter 2:2)?


What is necessary for helping you with difficulties (Romans 8:26)?


What did all of the new believers do to be added to the church at Jerusalem (Acts 2:41)?


What does a good, new testament church do for you (Ephesians 4:12-14)?


Read Ephesians 6:10 to answer the following questions:


1.      How should you be strong?


2.      Why do you need the armor of God?


3.      With whom do you have conflict?


4.      List some of the items that make up the armor of God.



How should I live for God?


Being a Christian is the best thing that ever happened to you; therefore, you should live like it.  You have been saved from the power of sin and its condemnation.  You have been born again with a new, righteous nature.  The only reasonable way to live now is under the lordship of Jesus Christ, taking a strong stand to do right, being honest in everything, encouraging and serving others, and being responsible and dependable.  You should make the Bible your instruction guide for every area of life.  By doing so, you will improve your life, and you will be showing others that Godís ways are the best ways.  Get sinful habits out of your life, and start learning how to really live.  Obeying Godís Word is the best thing you will ever do in your life.


According to Galatians 5:25, if you __________ in the Spirit, then you should __________ in the Spirit.



Read 1 Corinthians 10:31 to answer the following questions:


1.      How should you do everything?


2.      Is there anything in your life that should not glorify God?


Read 2 Peter 1:4-9 to answer the following questions:


1.      What kind of nature do Christians have (vs. 4)?


2.      List the eight characteristics that should be a part of your life (vs. 5-7).


3.      If you continue to grow and improve spiritually, what will not be unfruitful (vs. 8)?


4.      If you decide to live a carnal lifestyle, what happens to you (vs. 9)?


When you live for Jesus Christ, as you should, what do you prove (Romans 12:1-2)?



What should I do when I sin?


Temptation to sin is a daily experience of living because the nature of you body is still sinful.  However, it does not have to control you or ruin your life.  You have the power of Christ in your life to resist sin.  If you consistently strive to live for Christ, you will strengthen yourself spiritually.  You will increase your resistance to temptation and sin.  None the less, when you yield to temptation and sin, you need to confess it to God and accept His forgiveness.  Often, if not always, feelings of guilt and shame will cause you to avoid God, but you need His forgiveness.  Prepare yourself to respond properly and immediately so that your spiritual growth in Christ will not be hindered.


When you face difficulties and temptations, what should you remember (Philippians 4:13)?


What is the danger of thinking that you cannot fall into sin (1 Corinthians 10:12)?


Read 1 Corinthians 10:13 to answer the following questions:


1.      What does every Christian have in common?


2.      What will God be faithful to do for you?


3.      What are you able to escape and endure?



What should I do next?


Contact the Mission Boulevard Baptist Church or the Collegiate Discipleship Ministry and request more Bible study materials. If you have recently been saved, request the booklets, Facts for New Christians and Follow-up Lessons for Spiritual Growth.  You will discover that the Christian life is the very best thing that could ever happen to you.

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