No Doubt

by Zack Blake

I hold as fact that there is no greater agony in all the world than for a person to be unsure about where he or she will spend eternity…whether in heaven or in hell. Although there is no reason to remain in doubt, many do, and I have a great deal of sympathy for such people, because I know what it’s like. The road of uncertainty is an awful path to traverse. I can tell you from personal experience that true peace only comes after trusting in the Lord for salvation. Today I am a saved person, and I know for sure that I have eternal life waiting on me. Whew! What a relief!!! I no longer have the burden of sin on my shoulders! And I no longer have the feeling of being condemned.

The Bible says in First John 5:13 that it IS possible for us to know that we are saved, and I do. I guarantee you though, I haven’t always been so sure. I’ve been down a long road of uncertainty to get to where I am now. For years I have prayed, read my Bible, gone to church, done this good thing and that. All the while though, I was never totally sure of my eternal destiny and was afraid of the possibility that it would be unfavorable.

What was the problem with me, you might ask? The problem was that I had not FULLY trusted in the Lord Jesus to save me. Sure, I had asked him many times earlier in my life to save me, but I was never sure that he really did. This lack of trust that I had was an indication that I didn’t really believe in God’s holiness and righteousness, because if I did believe, I would have had no problem in trusting in his promise to save me. God says in his Word that He cannot lie, and His promise is to save everyone who calls upon him in faith. If you come to God in faith, he will in no wise turn you away (John 6:37). However if you come in uncertainty, and mistrust in His promise to save you, you’ll never, ever be saved, and you’ll know it, because you will continue doubting your salvation.

I am an expert on doubting my salvation. I know what it’s like. I’ve done it for a long time. My advice to you is to have confidence that Jesus is a great and wonderful God, and that He’s not going to mess around with you or trick you, or play games with you. No, if you ask him for salvation with faith, He’s GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU, because He loves you. Just believe that, and ask Him for the gift, like I did, and say goodbye to the burden of sin. Realize your unworthiness and tell Him, “Lord, I can’t do this on my own. I feel the burden of sin, and it’s too heavy for me to carry. I need your mercy and your forgiveness alone. I have no plea, but that thy blood was shed for me (as the song says). No amount of good works will EVER be good enough for me to earn a place in your kingdom because I have already ruined myself with sin. I’m sorry Lord. I now trust in your Word, that you will save me as you promised. Amen!”

That’s my recommendation of what to do. Gain the confidence that is possible for you to have. All you have to do is believe that God will do what He said he would do. If you are in doubt of where you’ll spend eternity, there is a good chance that you have never truly trusted in the Lord for salvation. You need to get this settled. Don’t try alcohol and drugs to ease the pain of not knowing, and don’t count on a successful career, a good family, and financial security to the ease the pain either. You can only exit the road of uncertainty through faith in Jesus Christ. My heart goes out to you if you refuse to exit this treacherous road of uncertainty because I know that it will lead you through painful, agonizing times. Fill the void in your heart with the love and presence of our Savior Jesus Christ, who had you in mind when He paid the price of sin.

I would like to help you in any way that I can if you are having trouble in this area.


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