God Answered My Prayer

by Tsubasa Nomura

I was born in Okinawa, Japan. My father is a missionary. He had started a mission in Okinawa before I was born. I was born in Christian family, so I’ve gone to church every Sunday ever since I could remember. I learned to sing hymns and read the Bible, but these were all passive. I had no desire for God.

The first time I talked to God by myself was when my little brother, Akari, had died at age nine months. I was a primary student at that time. I asked my father why the Lord had done such a terrible thing. I felt bitter. And he answered me, “Akari has been taken to heaven earlier than us by God. He is waiting for us in heaven .” I responded by asking the Lord to let me into heaven to. But I was not qualified to enter into the Lord’s presence yet because I was not trusting God. I was not surrendering my life to Him.

A few years later, when I participated in a Summer Bible Camp, I experienced a very strong desire to be a Christian like my parents and like the church members around me! I wanted to go to heaven! But I did not know how to be a Christian. I prayed and prayed and prayed until I knew that Jesus Christ had died for me and that He forgave my sins. He is a great man who created me, protects me from Satan, and guides me in the path of truth.

He answered my prayer, and He will answer your prayer too. Why? Because He loves us! I made up my mind to keep up His promises and to live a graceful life as becoming of a resident of heaven. When I confessed my sins to the Lord, I was saved!! Now, I am alive with God and looking forward to the time when I will meet my cute, little brother in heaven.


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