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Questions to Ask Evolutionists

Try asking these questions in class and then after each answer, ask for the evidence to back up the answer. Insist on evidence not just explanation.

General Theory of Evolution

  1. What is the best evidence that shows that the general theory of evolution is actually a fact? (insist on evidence showing change beyond simple variation within a population)
  2. If science is about reasoning and debate, why do evolutionists censor controversies, fraud, and weaknesses of the evolution theory from textbooks?
  3. Science is supposed to be objective and unbiased. So, what justifies an atheistic (naturalistic) bias in science over an agnostic approach that allows for the possibility of natural or supernatural origin?

Origin of the Universe

  1. What specific evidence supports the claim of a natural origin of the universe?
  2. Explain how something can come from nothing in contradiction to the first law of thermodynamics.
  3. The universe is experiencing heat death as predicted by the second law of thermodynamics. So how do evolutionists justify proposing that energy always existed and had no beginning?
  4. What is the evidence that the universe increased in its order and complexity after the big bang in contradiction to the second law of thermodynamics.

Origin of Life

  1. What specific evidence supports the claim of a natural origin of life? (life from non-life in contradiction to the law of biogenesis)
  2. What is the scientific justification to study abiogenesis in contradiction to the law of biogenesis?
  3. If life could spontaneously exist by chance, then why have scientists not been able to create life in the laboratory with controlled experiments? Likewise, if scientists cannot succeed in creating life in the laboratory, then what evidence is there that life could create itself by chance?
  4. What evidence justifies the evolution proposal that life spontaneously arose from non-living material in spite of the calculations showing that such occurrence is astronomically improbable.
  5. By what means did the code of life and the enzymes necessary to make the code originate? Which came first: the code to make the enzymes or the enzymes to make the code?

Origin of Species

  1. What fossil evidence exists showing the evolution of one major kind of organism into another? (to avoid examples of simple variations, ask for an example of one taxon "order" becoming another)
  2. If cars and non-related organisms can show similarity, what is the basis for inferring that homologous phenotypes represent phylogeny?
  3. What evidence is there that mutation can or has produced unique, new structures rather than modified features?
  4. What is the evidence that shows that mutations can supply an increase new information rather than just modifying existing genetic information?
  5. What evidence suggests that mutation and natural selection changes have no limits?
  6. What evidence shows a transitional form with partially developed, nonfunctional features (such as 10% of a wing)?
  7. Why have new body plans not developed since the Cambrian explosion?
  8. Why is Haeckel's "law of biogenesis" that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny still used as evidence for evolution after being exposed as a fraudulent claim?
  9. If fifty years of intensive research on mutant fruit flies has produced nothing but more fruit flies, why is it thought that other organisms can evolve into something else?

Intelligent Design

  1. Why does Venus rotate backward, while Uranus rotates at a 98 degree angle to its vertical plane?
  2. Why do 11 (almost 1/3) of the moons of various planets rotate backward?
  3. Why aren't most of the planets composed of hydrogen and helium like the sun?