Creation Insights

Revealing the empirical case for
intelligent design and Bible science.

Creation Insights

Mission: To present 1) empirical evidence showing that the creation science model is indeed a credible scientific model and 2) to present the science behind Biblical accounts.

Executive Team

Patrick R. Briney
Ph.D., microbiology
Ordained minister of Mission Blvd. Baptist Church

Dr. Pat Briney earned his Ph.D. in microbiology and has presented seminars on creation and evolution for over twenty years. During this time, he has also engaged evolutionists in debates .

During the 1981 controversy over the Balance Treatment Act in Arkansas, requiring that creation be taught if evolution was taught, Dr. Briney, as founder and president of the Creation Science Society, was asked to address the issues in several classes at the University of Arkansas. As a result of his presentations, a survey of the students indicated an immediate three percent conversion in favor of creation.

To earn his Ph.D. in microbiology, Dr. Briney was required to meet weekly for one semester with a professor of evolution and was censored from contributing articles to newspapers or giving interviews in favor of creation. The formal report submitted to Dr. Briney’s doctoral committee stated that his knowledge of evolution was superior to that of his peers, nonetheless, he remained a creationist and was likely to remain so. He was given a ‘B’ for the class in spite of his ‘superior’ knowledge of evolution .

Dr. Briney abandoned his evolution position in college as a result of personal research of scientific literature dealing with the issues of creation and evolution. His discovery that the evidence for evolution was deficient and his realization that evolution was taught in schools by default favoring a bias for naturalism, caused him to investigate further the "facts" for evolution and the evidence for creation. He found that many of the arguments against creation science were merely straw man arguments and ad hominem attacks. He also found that the debate on origins was in serious need of identifying the points of contention and of organizing the topics to debate. Applying himself to address these needs for his own personal study resulted in a streamlined and organized outline that has benefited others .

Dr. Briney is an effective communicator and qualified to address numerous contemporary issues due to his experience of over two decades serving as an ordained Baptist minister sponsored by the Mission Boulevard Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He has overseen the college ministry at the University of Arkansas as a missionary to academic communities and has assisted other Independent Baptist churches in organizing their own college ministries. He served as Director of the Arkansas Leadership Summit Ministries for two years providing Biblical world view training for young leaders. Presently, he is director of the Leadership Training Institute of America which trains young leaders how to present Biblical truths to a secular world.

Dr. Briney is a volunteer science teacher and the chairman for the science department of the Fayetteville Christian Schools. He has gained experience in communicating and addressing contemporary issues by hosting a live, talk radio program called Opinion Line, producing the Life Changing Scriptures radio program, and co-hosting Bible Dynamics, which provides answers to common questions asked by Christians. For local television, he has produced two weekly programs Smart Choices and Personal Testimonies. Dr. Briney also fields questions from around the world via the internet as the On-line Bible Answer Man.


"True scientists are open minded enough to allow for the possibility of a supernatural creation. They have taken the blinders of naturalistic bias off of their eyes to let the evidence guide them. Others see only what they have precluded from the start." - Patrick Briney, Ph.D.