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Couples ministry

IMG_0312The Couples “Contact” Ministry is designed to meet the needs of growing families in a variety of ways.

Our mission is to provide a place of acceptance and belonging, connect with each other as we grow together as members of the body of Christ, strengthen friendships and families, study and learn together, serve our church and community, and advance the kingdom of Christ in our world.

We meet on Sunday evenings at 6pm in the third building of MBBC/FCS.  During this time, we share in each other’s celebrations and lift up each other’s burdens.

IMG_0316Various family oriented topical studies and Bible studies are offered during this time.  Some studies that we have previously offered include:  Biblical Family Concepts, Loving and Respecting Your Spouse, How to Shepherd a Child’s Heart, The Foundations of Discipline in the Home, How to Prevent your Children from Leaving the Faith,

Having a Fireproof Marriage, Various Book Studies from the Bible, The Importance of the Local Church, and Family Financing. In addition, we offer fun family fellowships, service opportunities,  and opportunities to attend marriage conferences and events to enrich your family’s life.
It is our hope that this ministry allows you to build meaningful “Contact” with others experiencing the adventures of family life and “Contact” with the very Designer of the family unit.  We invite you to join us at “Contact”!


For more information you may ask to join our Facebook page, “Family Contact”, or email questions to Eric Whittaker at

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"For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost" -Jesus, Luke 19:10.


Have you asked:

-Who made me?

-Why am I here?

-What is my purpose in life?

-Is there a God?

-Which God is the true God?

-How does God reveal truth?

-Where can I find answers?

Our Book has the answers! Come and find out.

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