Break A Leg!

by Nick Cogan

Ever since I was five, I have regularly attended church. I was always a rowdy kid who wanted to be the center of attention. I never really paid much attention in church (to the sermons anyway, because me and my friends would be busy joking around in the back). I never really thought about death or heaven and hell. When I became a teenager, I decided to blow off my parents, school and all other authority figures. Without even realizing it I was kind of in a self-destruct mode like many other teenagers seem to be in today. I did what I wanted to and didn’t care about anyone else, unless they had something that I wanted, then I would use them. I got involved in some crazy stuff, and started carrying a gun everywhere I went. Thankfully the Lord protected me through it all.

Then one day a friend and me decided to take my little dirt bike out for a drive and on our way back a car hit us. A ’97 AUDI to be exact. Anyway, this car ran directly into my leg breaking it in three places. Fortunately my friend was all right; I was the only one who got hurt. While I was in the hospital I suddenly realized that I wasn’t as immortal and indestructible as I had previously thought. I realized that one day I was in fact going to die. Of course, I put this disturbing fact far from my mind. I, like most people did not want to deal with the thought of death. It was strange though, soon all I could think about was my death and where I would go. Then one Sunday afternoon, while I was at work, I knew where I was going. For years I thought that since I went to church I couldn’t possibly go to hell, but that’s not true. I knew without a doubt that I was going to hell because I had sinned against an infinite God and had to pay an infinite penalty, not just because that’s what I had been taught, but for some reason I knew this. I went to church that evening and was determined to get things straightened out with God so I could go to heaven. I knew that Jesus Christ had died on the cross for my sins and had risen from the dead so that I could be in heaven with Him (John 3:16), and that He was the only way to heaven (John 14:6). For some reason though, I did not understand that there was nothing I could do to get this eternal salvation. I wanted to accept this amazing offer, but I thought I had to help somehow. I finally realized that this was something Jesus had done for me and nothing I could do could ever get me to heaven, and with this in mind I accepted Christ’s offer with open arms and He saved me. I finally had peace and absolute assurance that I was going to heaven to be with Christ. Just like I knew for sure that I was going to hell, now I know for sure that I am going to heaven. You can know for sure that your going to heaven too, but first you must stop putting confidence in what you can do and put your confidence in Jesus Christ and what He did for you.


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