Being a Christian is more than Bible Stories

by Lauren Blake

Hi! My name is Lauren Albertson. I attend Mission Boulevard Baptist Church, and I’d like to share with you a true story about how I met my best friend.

I’ve grown up in a Christian home and gone to church all my life. I grew up hearing stories about Jonah and the whale, Noah’s Ark, Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, and all the rest. I heard about Jesus and His crucifixion and resurrection. How He died to “save me from my sins.” But, so? What did that mean to me? To me, as a little kid, they were all really neat stories and stuff, but it took me awhile to understand the significance of Jesus and His life. I heard how the Bible says that everyone has sinned and that because of that sin we deserve to die and go to Hell. I realized that sin can be one angry thought or one disrespectful word. It doesn’t have to be a “major” sin-it’s anything that goes against the will of God. I knew that God was real-that had been proved to me countless times, both Biblically and scientifically. I soon understood that God, who created us and loves us, was infinitely righteous, and that it is not possible for Him to tolerate even the tiniest particle of sin. Not one speck can make it into Heaven. God’s justice requires that our sins have consequences, and that they must be paid for. However, because He is infinitely righteous, we have an infinite penalty to pay, and the only way we can do that is to spend an infinite amount of time-eternity-apart from Him. That’s where Jesus Christ comes into the picture. God’s love is infinite, too, and He doesn’t want anyone to be apart from Him forever. So, He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, who was God in the flesh, to the earth. Because Jesus was God, He qualified to pay an infinite price. And because He was perfect, He qualified to pay for our sins, because He didn’t need to pay for His own. But the Bible says, “The wages of sin is death.” So, Jesus Christ was crucified—he died on the cross, a perfect human being, because He loves you and me so much that He wants us to spend forever with Him. I knew that nothing I could do in myself was good enough to get me into Heaven. All I could do was accept the payment Christ had already made. I had read all this in the Bible, and I knew it in my head, but it didn’t sink into my heart until later. When I was eleven years old, I was at Church Camp. One night I was laying in my bed, while the counselor was talking to the girl next to me. The girl was having trouble, having doubts about where she would spend eternity. As I listened to the counselor talk, I realized that I didn’t know any better than that girl where I would be. No, that’s not exactly true. I knew where I would be-Hell. I was a sinner and I had never released my sins to God and accepted His forgiveness. I knew what I had to do. Right then, I prayed and told God that I was sorry for all the wrong things I had done and the things that had put Him on the cross. I told Him that I knew I couldn’t go to Heaven on my own, and I was relying on His promises. I promised to obey Him and follow His will for me in my life.

Since that time, I have experienced the peace and joy that only a child of God can know. Jesus loves me very much and wants to be my best Friend. It is incredible, because I can tell Him everything! He is the Creator of the whole world, and yet He delights Himself in ME! It doesn’t matter what others think of me or say about me, because my self-worth relies on the fact that God loves me!

He loves you, too, and wants so much for you to come to know Him. I hope that this has made everything clear to you, but if not, I would love for you to write me with any questions.


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