Agnostic Finds Truth

by Brian Disney

Hi. My name is Brian Disney. I have a master’s degree in electrical engineering, did doctoral work in bio-medical engineering, and have a doctorate in education. I am the past director for standards for a large corporation, was involved in the Mars Mariner project, am a member of three honorary fraternities for academic excellence (TBP, HKN, PME), and am an ex-agnostic.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior at the age of 13. It was a very real and strong spiritual experience that changed my life, and left me very determined to live a life pleasing to God. However, I never really had the opportunity to develop in my faith, even though my parents were Christians and lived morally and faithfully attended Church. Even though we learned Bible facts and characters and received much preaching, the issues were never put together in such a way as to enable me to successfully confront the debilitating challenges to my faith that would come later in my life. My response to those challenges was to step back from my faith and conclude that what happened to me at age 13 was emotional and superstitious, and I would have to resist religious and spiritual inclinations if I were to truly advance intellectually and scientifically.

I lived with an agnostic position for several years until the Lord Jesus Christ made me aware of the reality of Himself in my life through a very powerful and unsolicited spiritual experience. I learned that every per-son needs God in his or her life, and that is how we are designed by our Maker. Without Him we are destined to experience a deep sense of frustration that cannot be satisfied by status, wealth, or any other accomplishment or means. Without Him, we are shackled with a sense of guilt and foreboding. I remember the peace, serenity, and joy that came into my life when I fully trusted Jesus Christ as my savior and received a sense of His forgiveness and acceptance at 13 years of age. But later, as I resisted Him thinking I was resisting superstition; frustrations, forebodings and immoral behavior patterns captured me, despite great successes in my professional career. Then as Jesus Christ confirmed the reality of Himself in my life, I realized my mistake and renewed my commitment to Him. I recovered my peace and joy, and the bondage of immoral behavior was broken. It has been many years since I gave my life back to Jesus Christ, and I have pastored for more than 30 years.

During that time, I have tried to tell as many people as possible about the wonderful saving grace of Christ and the excellency and fulfillment of walking with Him daily. It has been my desire to establish a discipleship process so that Christians can really grow and serve effectively and be prepared to successfully face the powerful challenges to faith that turned me aside for so many miserable years. I have tried to make very plain: that God has given us His Word; who God is and what He is like; that God is our Creator and evolution is bad, bad science and never happened; God’s love toward man; man is designed to be in God’s image; there is a barrier between God and man; God’s solution to that barrier is Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross; man’s greatest need; God’s provision for man’s need is provided by a relationship with His son, Jesus Christ; man acquires the benefits that God provides by grace through faith and not by mortal accomplishments; when one is converted, he be-comes a child of God; the Christian’s responsibility to grow spiritually, to witness, to worship, to serve, to study, to pray, and how to do that; God’s provision for our growth and service through his Word, Church, and Spirit; about Satan and his works, methods, and goals to abort God’s purposes.

If you have an interest in any of the matters concerning my testimony, I will be glad to speak with you further and answer any questions that may be of benefit to you.


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  1. Gale Munger says:

    Bro Brian Disney with his living testimony, as described above, touched my life back in the 70s – over 40 years ago. His passion for Christ’s saving and transforming love inspired me then and still inspires me today.

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